Indoor Climbing

Imagine how it feels to glide effortlessly up a rock face, feeling strong yet light and free. Because of coaching this can be instantly possible.

For years I hauled myself up climbs, certainly not gracefully! Despite having started climbing as a teenager, it wasn’t until my late 20’s when I received some coaching that my climbing really started to improve.

Now I love to teach other people the simple skills and techniques that can transform your climbing from mediocre to magnificent!

To book a session I can be reached on 07966 987029. I work from Chimera Climbing in Tunbridge Wells and sessions start from £25 an hour.

Outdoor Climbing

Learn all you need to know to climb on sandstone, including rope set up, advising on the best climbs for your grade, route guidance and technique. I love helping climbers to advance their climbing and make the transition from indoors to outdoors. Certified climbing coach and qualified to take groups climbing on Southern Sandstone, outdoor first aid qualified and fully insured, with 20+ years experience of climbing on the unique rocks at Harrison’s, Bowles and Eridge. I charge £60 an hour for a minimum of 2 hours for up to 6 people. Email or call me on 07966 987029 to check availability and discuss your requirements.

About Cat

Combined with 20 + years of my own climbing experience and trained as a climbing coach by Neil Gresham (widely regarded as Britain’s most experienced climbing coach), I have coached complete beginners through to GB hopefuls. My favourite climbs include Duroxmanie (6c+) in Fontainebleau and Nicotine Alley (7a) at Bowles. Combined with my climbing career, I had a 10 year career in recruitment, 10 years of running my own travel business and now I have extended my coaching work from climbing to business. I live in Southborough with Tom and our budding climber, Jasmine.

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